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  • Corey Pearson’s Debut Film ‘Message Man’ Adds Heart To The Action Genre

Set in Jakarta and the idyllic islands of Indonesia, Message Man is an action thriller, filled with redemption, loss and violence. Following, ex hit man, Ryan Teller, played by Home and Away star, Paul O’Brian, Message Man tells the story of one man’s troubled past.

Starring big actors in the Indonesian film industry including, Mike Lewis, Verdi Solaiman and Alfridus Godfred, who have been seen in, The Raid and Dead Mine. 

Pearson envisioned a film made up of action as well as heart. Advantaged, by his role of writer and director, he was able to create a unique action film. Corey aimed at creating a dramatic first act, focussing on character development before getting well into the action of the film.

Pearson said, “The action genre traditionally follows a very linear story, and you don’t want to deviate too much off that path… you need to be unique and give it a fresh twist to engage audiences,”

“I like that Message Man has a dramatic first act, we get to know the characters, then I love how it kicks into the hard-core action”

With a clear view of how he wanted to produce the film, Pearson stated, “as the writer, you’re the first producer of the project. When I write, it’s very vivid and I can imagine exactly what’s going on.”

Completed filming in 2013, Pearson has crossed several challenges along the way. Financing Film projects is always a challenge. Pearson was able to successfully find investors and raise finance from Indonesia. While in the early stages of filming in Indonesia, Pearson fell victim to illness. He spent several days directing from his hospital bed, while being attached to an IV. “Language” is always a challenge when filming in a foreign country. This production was no different. The amazing effort by all the crew to work across this challenge, often with no more instruction than a hand signal or a sketch on paper was phenomenon.

Pearson’s commitment to the film and the quality of his work has brought, Message Man, to the high standard it is today.

In between working on Message Man, at the end of 2016, Pearson also completed the filming of his second feature film, Harmony. Pearson again wrote and directed this supernatural teen thriller. Harmony is set to launch this September at TIFF.

Pearson is continuously developing his skills in the many aspects of film making from the visual and creative side to the business and marketing side. He is now uniquely placed in Indonesia and Asia, opening potential trade links within the film and sector.

“It was an amazing experience filming Indonesia and I’m looking forward to heading back there sometime in the future” Pearson said.

With three more scripts completed, Pearson’s production company Rhythmic Films, is already in talks with financiers for his next project.